Verizon High Speed Coming to Cashiers/Sapphire makes headlines

If you are planning to relocate to Western North Carolina

there are several things to consider. One is that high speed
internet has not available in all areas, however things are changing!

Verizon High Speed Coming to Cashiers/Sapphire makes headlines
January 23, 2008: 11:00 AM ESTCASHIERS, N.C., Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ --

More Western North Carolina Customers Gain Access to Verizon's High Speed Internet ServiceCompany Invests $490,000 to Equip 2,600 Lines in the Cashiers, Marion and Sylva Exchanges; 750 Additional Lines to Soon Follow
Approximately 2,600 additional customers in the Cashiers area of western North Carolina can now order Verizon's High Speed Internet service for their computers at home or at work. When additional engineering is completed, scheduled for late February, 750 additional customers in the area will also be able to get High Speed Internet (formerly known as DSL).
Since June 2006, Verizon has invested nearly $1.5 million for High Speed Internet expansion in western North Carolina, broadening the service to more than 13,000 additional customers."Customers in western North Carolina have asked for more High Speed Internet, and we've listened," said Suri Surinder, Verizon's senior vice president and general manager, Southeast region. "The speed and efficiency of Verizon's broadband service often changes the way people shop, work and educate themselves.
With today's announcement, more qualifying customers in this region can enjoy the Internet world in the best way possible: through a Verizon broadband connection."Qualified customers in the following locations can now order broadband connections at up to 3 megabits per second (Mbps) downstream and up to 356 kilobits per second (Kbps) upstream: areas of the Glenville community; parts of Sapphire Valley near the Transylvania county line and the community of Holly Forest; communities around Eagle Ridge, including Trays Island, Bald Rock and Sapphire Mountain; the Marion area of Glenwood Province; parts of Sevier and Woodlawn; and the Cullowhee area of Canada. By late February, additional qualifying customers in areas of Sapphire and Grandview will also gain access to Verizon High Speed Internet.
The price for the service in western North Carolina is $29.99 per month with a one-year contract. Promotions also affect pricing. For example, customers can bundle 3.0 Mbps service with unlimited local and long-distance calling and DIRECTV for $104.99 per month (with a one-year contract) - and receive either an RCA Small Wonder digital camcorder or a $50 Best Buy gift certificate (until Feb. 3).
Double-play bundles for unlimited local and long- distance calling and High Speed Internet are also offered, as are quadruple- play deals that add Verizon Wireless service to the bundle.Consumers can get more information on service availability, pricing and features by calling 877-483-5898 or visiting
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Sperlings Demographics for Cashiers, North Carolina

Demographics news states the future job growth for Cashiers, North Carolina is 29.7% which I thought was very impressive for those lookingto relocated to our beautiful mountain community.
This will give the opportunity for buyers to move here full time, even before they retire.

Here is the study

Population Growth:


Median Age:

47 years

100 = national average, 110 = 10% more expensive

January Avg Temp:


July Avg Temp:


Sunny Days:


Precipitation Days:


Rainfall (inches):


Snowfall (inches):


Cashiers Demographics

Cashiers Jobs and Politics

Unemployment Rate:


Recent Job Growth:


Future Job Growth:






Independent (others):



Blue Ridge School




Summit Charter School



See More Schools In Cashiers, NC

Quick Glance, Weather, Demographics, Jobs & Politics,Housing, and Education statistics provided by Sperling's.

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Statistics show more people are leaving Florida

Statistics show more people are leaving Florida

TAMPA, Fla. (WOFL FOX 35, Orlando) -- It's after 5 p.m., but Atlas Van Lines agent Bob Glenn is still taking phone calls at his moving company, Atlantic Relocation.
Most of the quotes he's fielding these days are to destinations like Texas, North and South Carolina and Tennessee. This is great news for the Real Estate Markets in these areas.

He says it is part of a new trend where more residents are moving out of the Sunshine state than moving in. "It's the first time it's been flipped. Usually there's more people coming into Florida," Glenn notes. The times, they are a-changin'. A migration study released by Atlas Van Lines shows the reversal started in 2006. It got worse in 2007, as the company moved 7000 households out of Florida, compared to 5800 moving into the state. A big part of the problem is a real estate market in crisis, and a lack of opportunity.

"Nowadays it seems [with] the cost of homeowners insurance and property taxes, young families and seniors on fixed incomes, can't seem to afford it anymore," Glenn says.
The Atlas migration study mirror findings recently released by the U.S. Census Bureau. The agency says Florida slipped from the fourth fastest growing state in the country, to the 19th. It also had growth below the overall average in the south. But make no mistake, the Sunshine State is still growing by leaps and bounds, according to the same census data.

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Good News for North Carolina New Home Development

Where are the best places to invest in real estate for 2008? Continued strength and resistance to the national trends seems to be the order of the day. While we have seen some impact to segments of the market here in Raleigh, there are still segments that seem to continue to chug forward. At a recent economic summit here in Raleigh the Chief Economist for the National Home Builders Association had this to say:"Seiders projected that national home sales will hit their nadir in the current quarter, and that housing starts will begin to rise in the third quarter of this year. But, he added, the housing market in North Carolina will continue to outpace the nation's. Housing starts across the country this year should fall about 20 percent, but in North Carolina, the decline should be about half that, Seiders said.North Carolina didn't experience the "runaway housing appreciation" that occurred in markets such as Las Vegas and Florida. So now it's cushioned somewhat from the steep declines in housing prices and housing starts happening elsewhere, Seiders said.Likewise, Custer[CEO of RBC Centura, Raleigh based bank] noted that North Carolina was one of only a handful of states where housing prices appreciated 4 percent or more last year."We're very fortunate to live and be able to do business in North Carolina," he said. Click here to read full story

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