Land Conservation News-Cashiers NC

Good deals for public
by Jon Ostendorff,
published December 9, 2007 12:15 am

The government last week got a good deal on the development rights it bought with the public’s money.

In Buncombe County, the development rights for the farmland will cost an average of $1,877 an acre, well below what the land could fetch if sold. The landowners are giving up $3.7 million in value but will get a tax break.

In Jackson County this past week, Sylva town leaders placed 1,000 acres in the Fisher Creek watershed in a conservation easement. The state bought the land for $3.5 million, or an average of $3,500 an acre. The land, also known as Pinnacle Park, will be open for hiking.

In southern Jackson County, the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy announced a deal that will protect 600 acres near Cashiers that would have been a prime spot for an upscale development. The Cedar Creek deal includes creeks and streams that feed Lake Glenville and the Tuckasegee River. It also provides a buffer for the Nantahala National Forest and Panthertown Valley and a neighboring tract of 850 acres already in a conservation easement.

The price tag for the public was even better than the deals in Buncombe County. The government-funded Clean Water Management Trust Fund spent $2.4 million, or an average of $4,000 an acre. The land there appraised for $30,000 an acre. Private donors Fred and Alice Stanback, of Salisbury, gave $500,000 to complete the project.

Asheville businesswoman Laura Webb spent two years brokering the deal with the four branches of her family. They each owned 25 percent of a company that controlled the land. To make the deal work, she had to meet a minimum financial goal of some family members while keeping conservation on the table. In the end, everyone compromised to reach the agreement.

The family still controls 400 acres of the Cedar Creek tract and will sell some of that as part of its internal agreement. Deed restrictions on the land will limit housing density to protect the area. “I want other families to know that your choice is not just to sell,” she said. “There might be some other type of intermediate or compromise or creative solution to get to where you want to be.”

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Where and Where NOT to Retire-Real Estate Trends NC

Many seniors have found themselves disappointed when they retire to a new area, even one they used to love for vacations. Retirees are increasingly turning against the traditional retirement haven, Florida. Some find the heat too brutal in the summer. Plus, the state is home to so many elderly that the early bird buffet culture can make people feel older than they are.

Clearwater, Florida: Too Many Fellow Seniors This Tampa Bay area hamlet has the highest percentage of seniors of any city in the United States.

The 2000 Census found 21% of Clearwater’s population was 65 or older, the highest of any city of 100,000 or more. Floridians as a whole are 17.6% seniors, compared with 12.4% for the United Sates as a whole. With 3.6% of its population 85 and up, Clearwater also has three times the national share of that age group.

The graying of Florida is just one reason many retirees from the Northeast sometimes abandon their first retirement destination for somewhere mid-way up the coast. These “half-backs” are increasingly turning to the Carolinas, fleeing the bland culture, extreme weather, and high real estate and homeowner’s insurance prices of Florida.

The 'Half-Back' Retirement
Many northerners retire to Florida only to find it too hot, clogged with traffic, too expensive and a cultural wasteland. But they don't want to go back to winters, so they go halfway back, retiring in the Carolinas, where both temperatures and property prices are milder.

For more information regarding Retirement in North Carolina, The best mountain communities, Real Estate, and Lots for sale or call 828-226-8837

Best towns for relocation to North Carolina

Relocation Information for the North Carolina Great Smoky Mountains of Jackson County.
Of course Jackson County is a wonderful place to plan a getaway to the Great Smoky Mountains in North Carolina, but it also serves as a wonderful place to live for its residents.

If you want to settle in a wonderful mountain locale, then we have just what you are looking for here in Western North Carolina, including a pleasant climate and the scenic beauty of the mountains. Jackson County was founded in 1851, in the heart of the North Carolina Mountains, nestled among the Great Smoky Mountains, and features a nice balance between peaceful forests and vibrant downtowns.

Since we are already here, we have listed the Top Four reasons why you should relocate

1. Central Location - Jackson County is 50 miles from Asheville, 111 miles from Knoxville, 50 miles from Gatlinburg, and only 150 miles from Atlanta. It's also convenient to Upstate South Carolina, and less than three hours from North Carolina's largest city, Charlotte.

2. A River Runs Through It - The picturesque Tuckasegee River flows 40 miles throughout Jackson County. A moderate current makes it one of the best white-water rivers for beginners and families, and it is considered Western North Carolina's best stream for trout fishing.

3.Booming Business - With a 24 percent increase in population in the 1990s, economic growth abounds. The county is also a popular tourist destination, which has fueled growth in the downtowns of Sylva, Dillsboro and Cashiers.

4. Lovely Landscape - The county's 491 square miles encompass some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the Southeast. Elevations range from 2,000 feet to more than 6,000 feet. The landscape is highlighted by waterfalls, rocky peaks and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

The new 'Our Town ' magazine is here! This magazine is FULL of beautiful scenery and helpful information. Our Town can be accessed instantly online by going here!

For more information regarding Real Estate and Relocation to Western North Carolina or call 828-226-8837

A place to LIVE, explore and see Heaven....Bald Rock Community NC

Last week I toured the community of Bald Rock. I've been there at least 10 times already looking at the property and various lots for my clients. Views of mountain lots and an up close personal view of this high elevation mountain community near Cashiers, North Carolina

read more digg story

High Hampton Inn casts cultivated country spell in Blue Ridge foothills

Often people who come to the Cashiers, North Carolina area to look at real estate for sale will ask me where a nice place to stay is. I found this article on High Hampton and thought I would post it for those of you who like something different. I took the picture last winter which is the view from the Resort looking onto the lake.

see: last minute accommodations

Covert Carolina
High Hampton Inn casts cultivated country spell in Blue Ridge foothills

Some say the High Hampton Inn & Country Club isn't for everyone, but it's hard to imagine who would dislike the historic resort's comfortable mix of rustic charm, seasoned sophistication, and service that is attentive without being intrusive.

"I'm not sure we want the secret to get out," chuckled Lexington, Ky., anesthesiologist Emil Menk as he reeled a bass lure through the shallows of the inn's 35-acre, spring-fed Lake Hampton. "It's really a great place to get away."

The 1,400-acre resort, finishing its 85th year open to the public, is located just a few blue ridges north of the South Carolina line and an hour or so southwest of Asheville. Once the property of wealthy South Carolina planters, it is just south of Cashiers (pronounced CASH-ers), N.C., along N.C. 107. From Cincinnati, it's about a six-hour drive.

Daily rates for the 117 rooms begin at $135 a person on the traditional "American Plan," which includes meals. "It seems expensive," said Menk, "but if you get three meals a day, it's really quite reasonable."

At the High Hampton Inn & Country Club in Cashiers, N.C., the ambience is much more pine and planky than fine and swanky. There is hardware dating to the Tennessee Valley Authority era, window latches can be balky, and room keys come attached to rough wooden disks.

Paths are covered with checker piece-size stones worn perfectly smooth and flat by untold ages in rushing mountain streams - tough to walk on in heels, but perfect for teaching your children the art of skipping rocks, which is exactly the kind of low-tech, high-satisfaction activity the old inn offers.

And everything works: beds are soft, bathrooms are modern and convenient, and there's even wireless Internet service in the lobby - but only there, along with the inn's only phones and televisions.

It's a nice surprise in these days of specialization to find that the resort is essentially self-contained. You can hit most of the high points of Blue Ridge mountain tourism without ever leaving the property: swim and boat, or hike the scenic trails that range from a gentle round-the-lake stroll to challenging jaunts up the resort's looming, granite-faced Chimney Top Mountain (4,618 feet) and Rock Mountain (4,730 feet). Go now through November, and the forests will be bursting with rich reds and golds.

You can get a steam bath, massage and workout at the 5,500-square-foot spa and health club, curl up with a book in one of the innumerable nooks and crannies, try tennis on one of the six clay courts or a round of golf on the resort's course, which has been praised for its beauty and playability in Golf Digest Magazine.

After-dinner activities include speakers, magic shows, live music and bingo that can fill the lobby with a 100 or more laughing guests of all ages. A casual mixer-type atmosphere puts guests at ease and establishes relationships that can span a vacation, or years.
In the summer, organized activities for kids include hay rides, pajama parties,and arts and crafts. Teens enjoy kayaking, bonfires, disc golf and geocaching, a sort of treasure hunt game using satellite-based global-positioning technology.

The inn traces its roots 170 years back to Civil War General and South Carolina governor Wade Hampton, who used the mountain refuge to escape the stifling, mosquito-cursed summers of his lowland plantations. The present inn, reconstructed after a 1932 fire, is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Its chestnut-bark exterior provides natural bug protection as well as a backwoods look.

On the broad veranda of the hunting lodge-style inn, you can play Ping-Pong or sit in a rocking chair and contemplate the old-growth bald cypress and heirloom gingko, bottlebrush buckeye and copper beech trees growing on the front lawn. Or you can try the ring-and-hook game that seems irresistible to children.

The dining room is full of families of 10, 15 or 20 members of succeeding generations surrounding long tables decorated with fresh dahlias grown on the property. (From late July through early October guests are welcome to cut blooms in the sun-washed garden near the front gate to decorate their rooms or cottages.)

Other High Hampton visitors make the resort the scene of social, rather than family, reunions. Allison Holly, of Miami, Fla., spent girlhood summers at nearby Camp Merrie-Woode while her parents vacationed at the High Hampton. "We would put on a musical every summer, and come to High Hampton Inn to put on the show," she said.

After she and other camp friends graduated from Wake Forest University and launched adult lives, "We just started thinking, wouldn't it be fun to come back with our families and have a group trip," she said. "We knew that it was super family-oriented and kid-friendly."
The wholesome atmosphere of the resort, together with its buffet-style meals where men are expected to dress "appropriately" for dinner, seemed perfect for the old friends, their spouses, and a posse of 10 kids, none older than seven. "I love it; the men have to wear a coat and tie for dinner," laughed Allison. "It's fun; it really brings everyone together."

Togetherness isn't limited to your own group. Like a traditional cruise ship, you'll have the same table throughout your visit, dining near the same folks for the duration. It's easy and pleasant to get into the habit of exchanging the day's itinerary over the dining room's hearty and delicious fare such as pork roast, egg soufflé Spanish style, steamed vegetable dishes and the inn's trademark trout.

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This is Lonesome Valley, Cashiers North Carolina

When I first arrived in Cashiers, NC I had seen the signs from the road for Lonesome Valley, a community located just minutes from the center of town, yet very secluded.

It wasn't until we met the developer that I actually stopped in to tour the community.
From the street one wouldn't know how much the 800 acre community had to offer
unless they took a tour. Much of its beauty is over the large meadow and hill which can't been seen from the road.

Future site of sports complex

viewing area of Laurel Knob laurel knob rock face can be seen throughout the community
The community of Lonesome Valley in Cashiers, NC is a 800 acre development with only 211 home sites averaging 3 acres in size. The community features creeks and ponds, natural waterfalls and views of the Laurel Knob Rock Face.

My husband and I had the wonderful opportunity to meet with the developer a few weeks ago. It was a casual meeting, since he had already seen our community, The Preserve at Eagle Crest, we were both curious to see what his community also had to offer.

On our tour through the beautiful community we were told by the developer that there are over 100 wild turkeys roaming around, we saw streams, bridges, creeks and waterfalls throughout. All the lakes and ponds are stocked with trout and bass; there are many natural old logging trails still in place which owners will use for walking trails throughout the community.

The most impressive of our tour was a nice secluded spot that included an up close and personal view of Laurel Knob Rock face.

Laurel Knob resides in the Panthertown Valley, just outside Cashiers, NC. The Carolina Climbers Coalition has purchased approximately fifty acres of land, including the main face right of the gully (as seen in the photo above), as well as a tract of land to be utilized for trail access.
Lonesome Valley has kept nature in mind when designing a wonderful viewing area of the Laurel Knob Rock Face. The above shot was taken at about 5pm in the afternoon. In the morning, the view is even more dramatic due to the positioning of the sun.
There are picnic tables and an enclosed pavilion for just relaxing and taking in the scenery. They had a nice sandwich platter from Cornucopia Restaurant in Cashiers, NC, drinks and tiki torches lit when we arrived at the site. What a nice treat!

Their plans include having private spa tents overlooking this beautiful landscape which will be located on 55 acres of this private luxurious, yet casual community.

For your private tour of Lonesome Valley please contact Rae @ 828-226-8837

Sapphire Ridge-Sapphire Valley/Cashiers, NC

I've decided to write a little review of my own when I take a tour of a community. I think it's important in deciding what to buy, and where to buy, to take a look at different areas and price ranges. Like the show "What you get for the money". This is my version!

This neighborhood is situated above Holly Forest and beneath Eagle Ridge in the Resort Community of Sapphire Valley/Cashiers, NC. Elevation is somewhere around 3,400-3,700 ft.

This community will be gated once the roads & infrastructure are completed. Large estate size lots, community water, big easterly to southwest mountain views. Owning in Sapphire Ridge will also give you access to the Sapphire Valley Amenities.

Developer will provide septic permit and survey at closing.

Lot 25 is my pick as the number one lot in this subdivision as it offers a great up close view of the face of Little Hogback Mountain and the Eastern Continental Divide. The lot is 2.7 acres

Other lots have nice creeks running through them and waterfall views as well. Pricing range from 125K to 275K and lot sizes are 1.6 to 4.0 acres in size.

For those investors looking to get in on the ground level there are no restrictions on timeframe to build. You won't be able to get up to the site without a 4 wheel drive until paving is complete, as there are signs posted at the entrance.

Let me know when you'll be in town. I'll be happy to show you the any of the lots Sapphire Ridge!

For more information regarding Real Estate, and Lots for sale or call 828-226-8837

Martha Stewart enters world of real estate-North Carolina

Martha Stewart enters world of real estate
Domestic diva to help create a neighborhood of 650 new homes
The Associated Press

CARY, N.C. - What could be better than waking up on Martha Stewart sheets in a Martha Stewart bed, drying off after your shower with Martha Stewart towels, gardening with Martha Stewart tools, and ending your day with a Martha Stewart recipe served on Martha Stewart plates at a Martha Stewart table?

Why, doing it all under the tastefully gabled roof of your Martha Stewart home in a complete Martha Stewart subdivision, of course.

Back from a prison stay, the omnipresent domestic diva has extended her brand yet again, partnering with developer KB Home to create a New England-style neighborhood of 650 houses in this affluent Raleigh suburb that seems to be embracing its longtime nickname, “Concentrated Area of Relocated Yankees.”

read more....

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Progress Update-The Preserve at Eagle Crest-Lake Glenville/Cashiers

Progress Update:
We are now underway in planning our Grand Opening party for late October.

The roads are getting the finishing touches now. The Guest House/Sales Center has been decorated and our Outdoor Pavilion's Stone Patio is finished.

read more....THE PRESERVE AT EAGLE CREST: Progress Update-The Preserve at Eagle Crest-Lake Glenville/Cashiers

"Best" Magazines for North Carolina Real Estate & Culture

This is also another one of my favorite magazines. I thought it was important for folks who may be looking to relocate and purchase Real Estate in North Carolina to research the different areas. So, this has turned out to be my week of "Best Magazines" for North Carolina Real Estate and culture!
Our new development near Cashiers, North Carolina called The Preserve at Eagle Crest chose Our State Magazine to advertise in because of the loyalty of their subscribers and wonderful content they have.
Robin Clark, from Our State Magazine stated "Our paid subscribers as of this letter is 141,478.
She also sent me this email:
Just a note to let you know some great news here at Our State Magazine. As you may, or may not know, 2008 is our 75th Anniversary year. As we prepare to celebrate this major publishing feat, we find ourselves extremely grateful for all we have to rejoice in.

The magazine continues to get better with more photography, fresh stories, and a couple new staff members who are contributing an even greater level of experience to the pages.Because of the beautiful and awe-inspiring covers, our newsstand sales are going through the roof.

The Best of Our State at the Grove Park Inn is sold out, and our first ever Best of Our State at the Outer Banks is generating quite the buzz on the coast.

Our State, the television show, had the great fortune to earn a regular time slot this year - Thursday at 8:00 p.m. This has enabled the show to receive ratings higher than such popular shows as Masterpiece Theater, Nova and Mystery.

Check out the OurState website for more information and subscription rates.

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This is one of my favorite magazines dedicated to Western North Carolina.


WNC’s September/October issue is currently on newsstands with features
on unique farms, agricultural heritage, herbal medicines, and hearty
fall brews.

WNC magazine is a lifestyle magazine celebrating the unique people and
cultures; arts, crafts, and architecture; history and foodways of
Western North Carolina. Each issue includes features on current topics
facing residents, profiles on intriguing locals; and regular
departments with gorgeous homes, great weekend escapes, a calendar of
regional events, and a comprehensive dining guide.

For more information or to subscribe, call (828) 210-5030 or log on to WNC magazine is available at area newsstands for
a cover price of $4.95.

WNC magazine—Mountain living in Western North Carolina.

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Design considerations for Log & Timber Frame Homes

Search for all Timber Frame Homes for Sale in Western North Carolina

Three must-know design considerations for Log & Timber Frame Home Building

Whether you've been waiting a couple of months or a couple of decades to build a log home, you know that size and layout are key to whether your home will live up to your dreams.

Here's what the experts say when it comes to Log Home Design 101:
Be true to your site, your budget, and your lifestyle, and you won't go wrong.
While it's only human to start amassing folders of home designs from magazines and off the internet, it's best to not fall too far in love with a particular design until you have your land.

Some communities have covenants directing the size and height of your house. And a site that's clinging to the side of a mountain with a fantastic view in one direction and a bland roadbank on the other merits a different house than, say, a flat wooded lot with an inviting stream on one side of your building site, a spectacular birch grove on another, and a wildlife trail on the third."

Things to know before you build:
If there is a dramatic view, you want to optimize it at much as possible," says Bridger Mountain Log Homes' Brian Gregoire, noting that rooms that get the most use, such as a great room, dining room, and kitchen, should be designed to take the best advantage of sweeping vistas, while rooms designed for more private functions such as sleeping and reading or watching television might have less access to the panorama outside.
Read more.

To find the perfect lot to build your Dream Mountain Vacation Home
in Western North Carolina Contact us or call 828-226-8837

Tips for finding luxury North Carolina Mountain Real Estate

Some tips for finding the best Luxury North Carolina Mountain Real Estate:

Before you travel, search the internet, look for design ideas on building your luxury mountain cabin or find the best luxury North Carolina mountain properties. Most luxury communities are located in the high elevation areas Cashiers, Lake Glenville and Highlands areas of NC

If you are looking for a pre-existing home, as you travel through the many mountain communities you’ll notice there may not be any for sale signs as they are not allowed in most developments. You’ll want to engage the services of a Buyer’s Agent Realtor who will have access to the local MLS home searches. You probably will want to contact a Realtor in advance, as October is one of the busiest times of the year. Let them know what you are looking for so they will have time to prepare a list especially for you and your particular criteria.

About The Carolina Plateau Group….

The Carolina Plateau Group located in Cashiers, North Carolina is a developer sales, marketing and real estate team specializing in large tracks of land, new developments and investment properties and second homes.

We use the latest blog computer technology to bring you the best daily entertainment, up to the minute news and real estate information on our top rated weblog.
On our website, There are many art festivals in the area, some of which feature the best blue grass music in Western North Carolina. If you are traveling to see the brilliant fall colors of the leaves changing don’t forget your camera. Another big draw to the Cashiers, Highlands N.C. area are the many private and public golf courses.

We are focused on providing a full service experience for our Real Estate clients before they get here, as well as when they arrive. From finding a rental home, to suggestions on restaurants and things to do in the area, as many of the best places are off the beaten path. Finding rentals can also be challenging, especially if you are staying less than 1 week.

For more information on Mountain Real Estate and Market Trends and please contact us at 888-277-2006 x2 or send us an email

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Map of Western North Carolina. Cashiers is located in Jackson County. Highlands is in Macon County

Here are the latest sales figures on the Cashiers/Highlands North Carolina Home Sales

The Numbers
Entire MLS Area
1/1/07 thru 9/21/07
1/1/06 thru 9/21/06

Jan 1 2006 thru September 21 2006

Number of Sales 315
Sales Volume $198,067,747
Average List Price $672,482
Average Sales Price $628,786
Average DOM 217
% of sell to list sold for 93.5% of list

Jan 1 2007 thru September 21 2007

Number of Sales 289
Sales Volume $195,290,323
Average List Price $735,360
Average Sales Price $675,745
Average DOM 225
% of sell to list sold for 91.9% of list

State of the market

Number of Sales down 8.3 %
Sales Volume down 1.4 %
Average List Price up 9.4 %
Average Sales Price up 7.5 %
Average DOM up 3.5 %
% of sell to list down 1.8 %

Source: Closed sales on Highlands/Cashiers MLS
Single family homes

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View from Sapphire Lakes Golf Course
North Carolina

Found this on the web and thought I'd post for those of you who like golfing.

Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson might be rivals in golf course design, too.

Mickelson announced Wednesday that the first project of his new design company will be River Rock Golf Club in Cashiers, N.C., about 90 minutes away from where Woods' company is building its first U.S. golf course.

Phil Mickelson Design was launched in January. Its first golf course, built along the Blue Ridge Mountains, is scheduled to open in 2010. Among its features are a 305-yard par 3 with a 65-foot drop to the green and a 180-degree view of the mountains; a par 4 at 343 yards that drops 100 feet to the green; and two fairways that cross one another.

"My commitment to golf is creating the highest quality golf courses that are challenging, engaging and always provide a truly enjoyable experience each time they are played," Mickelson said. "To do that, you need to find the most beautiful landscapes available. We've done that in the mountains of North Carolina."

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When will the leaves change in Western North Carolina?

ref url:

date: 9/3/2007
2007 Fall Color Preview
There's no doubt that the fall is the best time of year to visit the Smoky Mountains of North Carolina.

What is it that we will need in the coming weeks/months to have great color this year? As in any year, lead color change in our deciduous trees is best when days are sunny, nights are cool, no major stormy weather blows through to strip off foliage, and the soil moisture levels are sufficient to keep trees in a healthy condition. At the time when chlorophyll (green pigment) in the tree’s leaves is diminishing and other pigments are coming to view, weather that is cloudy, wet, or warm will slow or hinder this process, and colors may be drab or non-existent.

Freezing weather, winds and storms can take away foliage before the color change is complete. Very warm weather may cause foliage to stay green longer, and extremely dry conditions will hasten the withering or curling of foliage without much color change. All these environmental factors can come and go during the summer months without affecting the fall color, but what is happening during the weeks of chlorophyll shutdown are the factors of importance.
Predicting fall color is essentially predicting which climatic factor will persist or change during the time of mid-September through October, when the color change really begins.
You can check here for updates from September to mid-November for the latest observations - The Foliage Network -
Because there has been a lack of rain in 2008 we are expecting a short leaf season in early October in the Cashiers, Highlands NC area.
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A Soothing Mountain Retreat-Cashiers, NC

Click here for rustic modern accessories and more pictures
A Soothing Mountain Retreat A bounty of ideas on this porch, from easy autumn decorations to cozy furnishings.

By Edwin Marty / Photography Joseph De Sciose / Styling Katherine Eckert

displayed above: Print out step-by-step instructions for making a fall forest wreath.

Nestled deep within the Appalachian Mountains, Beverly and Hix Green's home seamlessly blends the outside with the interior. A picturesque outdoor living room flows from the kitchen and revolves around a towering stone fireplace. It begs you to curl up by the hearth and spend fall afternoons contemplating the kaleidoscope of colors swirling in the trees. "This area is so beautiful throughout the year," says Beverly. "It just seemed foolish not to take advantage of it as much as possible."

Unfolding for Fall The Greens talked with the home's original architect, Al Platt, about adding a wing on to the Cashiers, North Carolina, house that would let them enjoy the mountain air. "They knew they wanted more outdoor living area," notes Al, "and this space fit in perfectly with the mature landscape the Greens had cultivated for years." The towering maples on either side of the house allowed just enough space for Al to design a room off the kitchen. He simply extended the existing roofline and repeated the wood beams from inside the house.
Colorful pumpkins and oak leaves are simple ways to add a touch of the harvest to a centerpiece.
Beautiful New Porch The Greens anchored their outdoor room with a stacked-stone fireplace that lengthens the season in which they can use the space. Beverly found rustic furniture to accent the natural surroundings. Wicker chairs and rough-hewn tables surround the fireplace. "Our children come up and enjoy this room on the weekends," says Beverly. "It's really perfect for the entire family."

Simple seasonal decorations grace the table, giving an instant touch of fall. Leaves gathered from the yard and pumpkins from a farm down the road complement the roaring fire. ‘Purple Majesty' ornamental millet and green sorghum in a vase lend another autumn accent. With just a few easy additions, the outdoor living room is ready for friends and family and becomes a soothing mountain retreat.

"A Soothing Mountain Retreat" is from the October 2005 issue of Southern Living.

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Last Minute Labor Day Getaways-North Carolina Mountains




Don't know what to do when you arrive?
Visit 21 Great things to do in the Mountains

Want to find out more about homes and lots for sale in Cashiers, Highlands, & Lake Glenville NC areas? Search our Western North Carolina Website

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Lake Glenville Log Home for Sale, North Carolina

Lake Glenville Log Home for Sale
3 bedrooms w/loft
3 baths
2,200 sf, Central Heat & Air,
Built 2004

Lot Size: 1.10 acres
Expansive Balconies on 1st and 2nd floors
Small community of only 9 homesites.

View of Lake from Deck

Easy access to Lake Glenville Public Boat Docks only 200 yards away.
Bring your boat and be on the lake in minutes!

By Owner. Call for pricing

Want to search for other log homes and cabins for sale?

Lake Glenville has 1,462 acres of surface area and approximately 26 miles of shoreline. This beautiful mountain lake has hidden coves, 5 waterfalls and 4 islands.
Why people are moving to the Lake Glenville, NC area.....

From Photo Gallery Cashiers, Highlands, Sapphire, Lake Glenville North Carolina
This is an excerpt from Jim Getzen's site who talks about his summer on Lake Glenville, NC

by Jim Getzen
My family, friends, and I have been up on Lake Glenville in North Carolina. We all seem to enter a type of dream state up there. I don't know if it's the cool weather (highs mostly in the 70's), the lake view, the crisp lake water, the remote location (relatively speaking), something else, or all those things put together, but it feels like we're a million miles from the world of worries. Perhaps it's the lack of a daily paper, or cell phone calls, or the constant drum beat of typically negative news on television that keeps the spirits high. .....more
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Hello Everyone,

The Green Expo is this weekend. They asked me to post their information on the site. Hope this will be helpful to you.

If I may, please do consider attending and email/contacting your professional associates to do the same (please include a link to our site).

A number of the programs included with the Green Home Show agenda are targeted to the home builders/buyers, and may well provide you some appropriate information in this changing market we see.

Admission is only $8 a day, and this includes all presentations that day (3 day event). has the descriptions & times for presentations for more detail.

Plus, you'll get to meet in person many of the best Green Builders in the region, learn techniques and become more familiar with what's happening right now in the regional market.

For Directions to the Green Home Expo click here.

*Stay tuned for our own Green Home Open House coming soon in Cashiers, NC

Here's the Energy Survey!

WNC RESIDENTIAL ENERGY SURVEY! Our Southern Community has created a survey designed to answer some of the critical questions about our energy usage, sources and their economic impacts. The survey takes about 15 minutes and the goal is to have 10,000 responses!

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Rustic Home Styles & Decorating Ideas-Cashiers, NC

If you are thinking of looking at homes for sale or a nice waterfall lot to build your vacation home, I found a great book on rustic modern cabins. Many of the designs reflect the homes that you'll see in the Cashiers, Highlands and Lake Glenville NC areas.
The book is unique and focuses on Innovative Design for Cabin, Camp, and Lodge

Looking for a Rustic Cabin, Timber Frame Home, or Moutain Retreat?

Rustic Revisited

Innovative Design for Cabin, Camp, and Lodge
Ann Stillman O'Leary and Andrew Wellman ISBN: 0-8230-4623-0
Watson-Guptill Book (Hardcover)$39.95
pages 300 color illustrations
July 2006

Rich, warm, relaxed, natural Adirondack camps, Western lodges, much more
Glowing photos of dozens of unique rustic homes from across North America
Spotlights craftspeople and creative forces in construction and decor

Great idea book for anyone looking to design or decorate a primary or second home. Used to be that rustic meant a dusty, dumpy cabin in the woods. No more! Rustic Revisited reveals today's rustic modern and contemporary design that celebrates the honesty of all-natural, local materials such as wood, twig, stone, and bark.

Rustic structures often have the same finish on the exterior and the interior, for example, rough-hewn timber on the outside and rough-hewn timber on the inside. The projects in Rustic Revisited embrace the hand-crafted philosophy of rustic and show how to take that philosophy to new heights in a variety of styles, from the Adirondack camp to the Western lodge to the classic log cabin.

Thirty unique homes, most planned by architects or interior designers, are showcased here, each lavishly photographed to allow readers exclusive access to interiors, exteriors, and noteworthy details in unusual rustic houses from New York to California, from Montana to Ontario, from North Carolina to Minnesota.

These spotlighted projects, plus photos of dozens of additional homes, cover the full spectrum of rustic renovations and new construction, traditional and cutting edge. A bonus chapter on decoration spotlights the craftspeople who are the creative forces of the movement.

Ann Stillman O'Leary, the principal designer of Evergreen House Interiors in Lake Placid, New York, is the country's preeminent designer specializing in Adirondack-style interiors; her client list includes many prominent VIPs. Her previous book, Adirondack Style, was featured in House and Garden, the New York Times, Vogue, and Country Home, and she appeared on HGTV as well. She lives in Lake Placid, New York.

Andrew Wellman specializes in architecture and interiors photography, and works nationally with architects, builders, and interior designers. His images have appeared in national publications such as Yankee, AAA magazine, and Hooked on the Outdoors. He lives in Berlin, Vermont.


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Designer Showhouse 2008-Cashiers, NC

Cashiers Designer Showhouse, Cashiers, NC - August 16-31, 2008

The Eleventh Annual Showhouse to benefit The Cashiers Historical Society, with a grant to The Cashiers Community Council. Seventeen designers have collaborated on Mountain Top Farm, this unique, all but unchanged 1920’s mountain lodge.

The home, used as a summer retreat, is still a gathering spot for the descendants of the long time owners. The creativity of the designers, the home’s unique setting, the Showhouse Shop and daily luncheon, all promise to delight visitors.

Mark your calendar for this opportunity to get a glimpse of the past blended with today’s mountain style living.

Hours: Monday -Saturday, 10 a.m.-4 p.m. Sunday 1 p.m.-4 p.m.
General Admission $25

Presented by The Cashiers Historical Society
For tickets and more information about the Showhouse and Special Events call 828-743-7710

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Lake Glenville: Highest Lake East of Mississippi River

Visit our new Lake Glenville Blog for everything Lake Glenville!

Have something to say? Post a comment.........we want to hear from you!

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Golfing greats building in WNC

Golfing greats building in WNC

August 8, 2007 12:15 am

ASHEVILLE — Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson and Tom Kite.
A dream foursome? A collection of golfing greats? A reunion of major championship winners?
Yes to all of the above, but that quartet of links legends — along with famed architect Tom Fazio — also are designing new golf course developments in Western North Carolina.

And perhaps you can now add the most famous name in golf and perhaps in all of sports - Tiger Woods, who according to published reports is going to design a course at The Cliffs at High Carolina in Fairview.

In an area already covered with quality mountain golf at more than 50 courses, a suddenly booming market includes some of the greatest names in the game and nearly a dozen projects either recently completed, under construction or in the planning process.

“This is a beautiful area of the country with incredible scenery,” said Nicklaus, who has two highly regarded WNC courses open (The Cliffs at Walnut Cove just south of Asheville and Elk River in Banner Elk) and is currently working on Bear Lake Reserve in Cashiers and Queens Gap near Lake Lure.

“When you get this kind of land that is just so natural for a golf course, your chief mission is to just not mess it up,” said Nicklaus, winner of a record 18 major championships.
Woods is currently working on his first course in Dubai; High Carolina would be his first U.S. design.

The legendary Palmer built his first WNC course — Cullasaja Club in Highlands — about 20 years ago, but is now entrenched in this area.

The scenic Balsam Mountain Preserve near Waynesville opened for play this summer, and work has begun on White Oak in Polk County and Seven Falls Golf & River Club in Etowah, which will feature a 60-foot waterfall and gorgeous rolling farmland.

Fazio so fell in love with this area while designing Wade Hampton CC in Cashiers in the 1980s that he made his home in Hendersonville.

He is the architect of such highly acclaimed local layouts as Champion Hills Country Club in Hendersonville, Diamond Creek in the Linville area and the recently opened Mountaintop in Cashiers.

Fazio also recently unveiled the first 18 holes at Bright’s Creek in Polk County. Another 36 holes are planned on the 4,000-acre property near Mill Spring.

Mickelson’s first foray into golf course design is River Rock Golf Club, part of a 3,500-acre development planned near Lake Glenville in Cashiers. Plans also include a nine-hole course (King’s Grant) designed by noted golf coach Rick Smith.

Kite is designing Ginn Laurelmor, scheduled to open in 2009, on 6,000 acres between Boone and Blowing Rock.

“We think this is a great market for golf,” Palmer said during a recent visit to Seven Falls. “People are flocking to this area because it is such a wonderful place to live, and we want to give them some great golf courses to play.”

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Let's talk about the Weather!- Cashiers, NC

My friend from Atlanta came up for a few days.

Horseback riding at Arrowmont, Lake Glenville

She was quite disappointed in the weather in Atlanta...............

"When I left your house Sat morning, it was 71, I got home, it was 93!!! Well, guess how hot its going to be today????? Ready for this 101! What is that about?"

If you live here you already know this. This is for the Floridians....The town of Cashiers, NC is 3,500 ft above sea level and the high elevation causes a 10-15 degree drop in temperature.

People who have lived here in Cashiers/Highlands NC area a while are used to the "always nice" weather. In fact, its the topic of conversation at most local markets and antique shops. Nice weather! Isn't it just gorgeous today? Why, Yes. Life is good.

Today was the hottest day of the summer and it was a scorching 86 degrees! I heard some complaints about it at the grocery. I actually noticed the humidity in the air for the first time. My hair was about an inch longer today because of it. 86 degrees! That's comparable to November in Florida.

All the heat just pours out and hits you in the face.

The norm here is 70-80 degrees on a summer day. What? my hair looks good? That's exciting for a woman in her late 30's.
"I just tell them they don't know what hot is until you've lived in Florida."If you've lived there your whole life like I did, then you know you never get used to the heat and humidity. I would always say that "when you open the door to your car in August it's like opening your oven door."

Being in the mountains is a whole different experience. If you haven't been here, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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Helpful Tips for Building a Log & Timber Home

Log and Timber Home Magazine.

Great Magazine if you are looking to build a home in the mountains of Western North Carolina and need some ideas of designs.

They have 3 different magazines
Log Home Design
Log Home Living
Timber Home Living

You can search all three magazines on their website at one time, which I especially thought was handy if you are looking for something specific.

Here's a poll they took from their readers on essentials for building a log home.

“Front porches—log home essential or a feature that’s had its day in the sun?”

A feature that neither helps or hurts the log home look

A fad that’s past its prime

An absolute essential

In planning your log home’s budget, what room is the number one priority?

Outdoor living space

Master bedroom

Great room


What type of roofing looks best on a timber frame home?
Wood (shake) shingles

Metal roofing

Asphalt or fiberglass shingles


What wood is best for building?



What is the ideal square footage for a log home?
2,501-3,500 sq. ft.

1,501-2,500 sq. ft.

Under 1,500 sq. ft.

3,501+ sq. ft.

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Whisper Lake Lot for Sale,Cashiers/Sapphire NC

View of Whisper Lake-Residential Community

FOR SALE BY OWNER Lot of the month - Whisper Lake

Located in the Whisper Lake resort community of Sapphire Valley Resort. All of Wyndham Sapphire Valley amenities are included. The great Sapphire Mountain Golf Club golf course with views, waterfalls, undulated greens and scenic tees is just a short drive with deep discounts. Other Sapphire Valley amenities include... tennis, golf & miniature golf, massage therapy, indoor & outdoor swimming pools, sauna, steam room, game and fitness centers, and downhill skiing.

A diamond in the rough. Great cul-de-sac lot with privacy and at the top and lots of road frontage. Borders the Lupton Ranch.

Available for 65K

View Map of Whisper Lake

Enjoy the beauty of rhododendrons, mountain laurels, and the waterfowl activities, waterfalls close by, great hiking trails, fishing lakes/streams, national forest abound and all the other great mountain living at your fingertips.

Approximately 1 Acre lot at one of the highest elevations in Whisper Lake. Great building sites and preferred builders have been chosen.

There are only a handful of lots to be purchased in the area for 65K and under. This lot already has approved Septic and Community Water in place.

Thinking of building a summer home? Rent out when you are not using it and make a profit!
Want to build? At this price you can afford to build a custom home and still make a nice profit.

There are currently 15 single family homes listed in the MLS for sale in
Whisper Lake.

Pricing ranges depending on size of home and views.

HI: $872,000
LO: $399,900
MEDIAN: $499,000
AVG: $532,547

If you are thinking of investing in Real Estate and buying a starter lot in the mountains of North Carolina, check out Whisper Lake.
There are no for sale signs allowed in the community. Scheduling in advance is always recommended.

For details on lots for sale contact
Rae Shatto, Realtor-
Keller Williams Realty
Or call toll free 888-277-2006 x2

Lake Glenville, NC Elevation & Statistics

View our Featured Lake Glenville Home For Sale with over 40 acres

Before you start looking for homes for sale on Lake Glenville we thought you would enjoy reading about what our town has to offer. We have many clients looking to invest in Real Estate in our beautiful mountain community.

To receive a current list of homes or land for sale please feel free to send us an email with your request.

Beautiful Lake Glenville and the town of Glenville, NC. 1,400 acres of mountain lake and 26 miles of shoreline are just about the only limitations.

The town of Glenville, on Highway 107 (North of Cashiers) is centrally located to provide you access to shore services. Breakfast, fuel, supplies, boat rentals and even a great dinner are available to you in Glenville.

Once geared up, Lake Glenville will offer you every opportunity to rest and relax. Fishing, skiing, or touring are just some of the possibilities of a day well spent on a large pool of water at 3492 feet above sea level. The fishing is great. Smallmouth and largemouth bass, walleye, crappie, bream, and rainbow, brook and brown trout, bullheads and channel catfish are resident species of the lake.

Clarity of the body of water makes fishing here a challenge yet is sporty enough to wish to return the next day. Signal Ridge Marina is your source for boat rentals and supplies and if you own your own equipment, Mountain View Marine can store and service your mountain-lake toys.

Lake Glenville is a great used of a relaxing day of fun for the family. Get up early and go fishing. Come back in the late morning and gather the family for some skiing or a leisurely pontoon stroll across the lake with a lunch. Go back later for late afternoon fishing and catch the evening's feast of fresh fish.

No matter your level of experience, Glenville has something for all. A must see and do experience.

Click Here for Map of Lake Glenville, NC.

see also:
Lake Access Communities (2)
Land and Lots for sale Sapphire Valley-Highlands-Cashiers-Lake Glenville NC (18)

For more information regarding Real Estate, Lake Glenville Homes and Lots for sale or call 828-226-8837

Cedar Creek Racquet Club -Tennis Destination and Residential Community

In the 1920’s Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lupton, from Chattanooga purchased 730 acres of land in Cashiers, NC. Mrs. Lupton wanted to build a summer home on the east side of Highway 64 near Rochester Creek. The clearing had begun for the damming of the stream and for construction of the house, but at the last minute, Mr. Lupton decided he wanted the main house which is where the well known Cedar Creek Racquet Club is now located.

Visit the Cedar Creek Racquet Club Website for information on Tennis and Social Memberships

The Cedar Creek Racquet Club

The inspiration is to provide a private club for active families who prefer tennis over golf. Cedar Creek Racquet Club is the premier tennis destination in Western North Carolina with finely manicured clay courts partnered with a full-service pro shop providing tennis apparel and supplies, game arranging, racquet stringing, and on-site tennis professional. Cedar Creek also has a brand new fitness center, hiking trails, racquetball, fishing, canoeing, swimming, and many other activities.

The club is located on a magnificent 43 acre site which was part of a large private estate. The beautiful Horsepasture River bisects the property and empties into Lake Lupton, which is in direct view of the clubhouse. The River was designated by Congress as one of the "Wild & Scenic Rivers". Throughout the entire site are uninterrupted views of surrounding mountains, dense areas of natural vegetation, introduced apple orchards and grassy field areas.

Cedar Creek Woods, the residential neighbor of the Racquet Club, is contained within the 150 acres once known as “Sleepy Valley”. I'm realizing why the town was called Sleepy Valley. When you first arrive, the altitude has an effect on you that makes you sleepy, comfortable, and relaxed.

If you are considering building a home in Cashiers, Nc a limited number of lots are available for purchase and range in price from 75K for 1 acre to 180K for a 2.77 Acre Lot. Looking for an estate sized lot? Combine two lots for over 4 acres. The lots offer a wonderful view of the Horsepasture River, and the Mountains in the background.

There are only four homes listed for sale in in the exclusive neighborhood of Cedar Creek Woods ranging in price from 725K to 1,195,000.

If you are looking to live amongst million dollar homes and have access to the Cedar Creek Racquet Club... this is the perfect location. The Cedar Creek community is close to the crossroads of Cashiers, NC, Shopping, Restaurants and the popular travel destination and Historical Town of Highlands, NC. If you are considering a move to the area, this is an established community you won’t want to miss.

To receive further information regarding Real Estate, Land and Lots for sale in Cedar Creek Woods or call toll free at 888-277-2006 x2

Real Estate, Cedar Creek Racquet Club, Cedar Creek Woods, Estate Lots, Land and Lots for sale Sapphire Valley-Highlands-Cashiers-Lake Glenville NC, Land Developments Western North Carolina, mountain property, Private Clubs Lots for Sale Cashiers,