Best Places to Build your Retirement Home, North Carolina

Retirees flocking to North Carolina Golf Communities are representative of a growing trend.

The trend of buyers moving first to Florida and then later selling and moving to South Carolina, North Carolina, or Virginia is what they call the "half-back phenomenon." They love the Florida sun, but then they realize they miss the passing of the four seasons, and in the summer they want to escape the heat. So they move half the way back to where they started -- New England, for example -- and end up in the Carolinas."

Life is full of choices. And perhaps at no time is that more evident than when shopping for a home. Buying a vacation or retirement property can be a full-time job if you're not organized. From location to home type to available ammenties and golf -- just to name a few -- the number of variables to consider can be overwhelming.

One of the most popular states for new golf home purchasers is North Carolina. It is fourth in the nation in the number of golf courses associated with real estate (170), and is the No. 4-ranked state in terms of the percentage of golf courses associated with real estate-nearly 30 percent. It offers prospective buyers three distinct geographic regions -- coastal, central/sandhills, and mountains -- and is a microcosm of some trends in the golf course real estate market.

Champion Hills is in the western mountains of North Carolina, in the town of Hendersonville. An elegant mountain community, its Tom Fazio-designed course has received many accolades. Fazio, who resides in Hendersonville, liked it so much that he made it his home club.

A search for the perfect climate has resulted in the purchasing of multiple golf course homes. Aging baby boomers are in their peak spending years. Statistics show that people buy retirement homes where they go on vacation. Boomers have traveled frequently and all over the world. The mobile society is here to stay.

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