Let's talk about the Weather!- Cashiers, NC

My friend from Atlanta came up for a few days.

Horseback riding at Arrowmont, Lake Glenville

She was quite disappointed in the weather in Atlanta...............

"When I left your house Sat morning, it was 71, I got home, it was 93!!! Well, guess how hot its going to be today????? Ready for this 101! What is that about?"

If you live here you already know this. This is for the Floridians....The town of Cashiers, NC is 3,500 ft above sea level and the high elevation causes a 10-15 degree drop in temperature.

People who have lived here in Cashiers/Highlands NC area a while are used to the "always nice" weather. In fact, its the topic of conversation at most local markets and antique shops. Nice weather! Isn't it just gorgeous today? Why, Yes. Life is good.

Today was the hottest day of the summer and it was a scorching 86 degrees! I heard some complaints about it at the grocery. I actually noticed the humidity in the air for the first time. My hair was about an inch longer today because of it. 86 degrees! That's comparable to November in Florida.

All the heat just pours out and hits you in the face.

The norm here is 70-80 degrees on a summer day. What? my hair looks good? That's exciting for a woman in her late 30's.
"I just tell them they don't know what hot is until you've lived in Florida."If you've lived there your whole life like I did, then you know you never get used to the heat and humidity. I would always say that "when you open the door to your car in August it's like opening your oven door."

Being in the mountains is a whole different experience. If you haven't been here, I promise you won't be disappointed!

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