How Elevations affect weather change in the Mountains

Elevation Q & A:

This is from a client of ours looking to buy land in the Cashiers/Lake Glenville area. He's researching the different towns, as many people do before they decide to purchase an investment property. We receive many requests about the area and the importance of Elevations.


I found the weather underground website which will give me all the historical data needed but I need a zip code that is representative of the closest area. I would be looking at something around the Lake Glenville area:

Question, if we are using a address that a temperature station is giving and the lot is say 500 feet higher is there any difference? We are leaning toward the Cashiers, NC area because it is closer to driving distance to Miami.

Question #2: what is the driving time between cashiers and lets say Boone or Blowing Rock thanks for your help....


The two zip codes to try will be 28774 (sapphire) and 28717 which encompasses Cashiers and Glenville. In regards to the 500 feet above, it depends where it is. If you get on certain ridges there is a marked difference in temperature.

For example, I live in Sapphire Valley, and my office is about 1000' higher than my house and there is a difference of 5-8 degrees. From my office to the top of the development which is another 800' there is another 3-4 degree difference.

I have not done the drive to Boone in a while, but best my memory serves me it takes about 3 to 3 and a half hours to get to Boone from here. There will be a noted difference from the temperature stations themselves, as the stations are usually in lower elevations.

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